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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Upadate currently of sept 20th

It's been a while since i update the blog, at this time I will be coming out with some plans to see if i can get more viewership for the manga Black Suit Men. well it taking it time but I'm really getting somewhere with it  in a couple places like, the progress of the story.

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through the 5- 6 years working on this Manga I've made about 1 Volume another is on the way. 12 chapters consist of 21-25 pages. Now trying to market this work has been my biggest challenge, how to optimism for selling? Well I'm being advised nothing has occurred from the month of August. Maybe because I'm unknown and I have my work all over the web for free. well I guess it could hold some chapter back.

PMH Black Suit Men
This image here that says Operation 7.2 this page is online  so you can view this chapter at PMH  or
stay tuned for my next animation, chapter in stores

Monday, 7 July 2014

2014 vs 2010

maybe there isn't a big different with the work but you can tell a lot of time as passed since I started. I not new news if you have been following the process but these are a couple of things i wanted to point out, since i needed to update this blog.


Important updates 
  • I don't really like blogging, I rather just update and disappear like a Phantom
  • #BlackSuitMen Volume 1 1-7 chapter HD remake coming soon, Webcomic is free to view but no new content will be in it. like 
  1. slightly updated art style, 
  2. Fix grammar and uncensored 
  3. special effects  
  4. revamped speech bubble word pathing for those easily confused or new to Manga and western comics 
  5. N.D.A. of  Japanese reading direction so  don't hold you breath  
  • a raito Noburu ( Light novel) pilot project
Since i have these Paypal and I have not seen any funds come in since that day i made that account i've gotta make another way to support my business, so please like the Black Suit Men on facebook     or read  the free verison at the site where they want to to registered "oh god what assholes" I know,  
if you are still unsure then go to this abandon hole full of fanfiction

Or read the #TwoBestfriends play manga/Comic

so think that's all


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